Behavior Analysis and Assessment

Our Board Certified staff work with the individual and caregivers in a variety of settings to identify the function of the maladaptive behavior (s). Once the assessment is completed, the staff will develop an individualized behavior plan to both reduce the maladaptive behavior and teach functionally equivalent replacement skills.

Parent/Staff Training

Our staff will work hands on with caregivers modeling the procedures, observing implementation of
all procedures and providing feedback to caregivers on their implementation of the behavior plan. It is our ultimate goal for the caregivers to effectively manage the behaviors of concern independently.


Staff will not only monitor plan implementation but will also be monitoring data collected to ensure
that the program is effective. Modifications to the program will be made as needed based on data. 

Skill Acquisition

At times, problem behaviors may not be occurring but there may still be a need to teach deficient
skills such as communication, toileting, and other adaptive skills. Our staff are knowledgeable in these
areas as well and are able to devise a program to meet the individual's needs.


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